Does Your SEO Speak to Voice Search Users?

Contents1 How Do People Use Voice Search in 2018?2 Focus on Semantically Related Keywords Over Exact Query Matches3 Write Good, In-Depth Content, but Use Pithy, Quotable Phrases4 Don’t Neglect Bing, Which Has a Bigger Share of Voice Search than Google!5 Other Voice Search SEO Tips Hello! Is this thing on? We just wanted to make […]

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How Often Should I Be Posting to My Blog?

Contents1 Why Posting Every Day Isn’t Smart or Necessary2 The Importance of Consistency3 Determining Your Ideal Blogging Frequency4 Current volume of content5 Current readership volume6 Best traffic sources7 Your own capacity and resources to create blogs Ththe Blogging frequency is somewhat of a sticky topic in the digital marketing world. Some people have hard and […]

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Social Media And Content Marketing Trends You Want to be Using

Contents1 Social Listening More Important for Guiding Strategy, Finding Lead Gen Opportunities2 Snapchat, Instagram Stories and Other Ephemeral Content Come to Center Stage3 More Companies Looking to Partner with Micro-Influencers in Their Niche4 Millennial Demographics Mature, Demanding More Nuanced Segmentation Strategies5 New Social Media Marketing Trends Mean Expanding Your Purview and Closely Monitoring Your Unique […]

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