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8 Effective Content Types and How to Use Them

Content or effective content types has become the currency of the internet, giving you limitless options to promote your brand, engage with your audience, hit new target markets and provide value to your customers. That said, content is about more than blog posts. There are many types of content out there to keep your message […]

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Starved for Content Marketing Ideas?

Here’s How Original Research Can Keep You Blogging for Months Wondering how you’re going to keep your content calendar full for the rest of the year? Thousands of business owners struggle when it comes to coming up with content ideas, and a simple strategy can help them: conduct a study or survey. Original research provides […]

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How to Use Reviews in Your Content Marketing

Let Your Customers Do the Talking – How to Use Reviews in Your Content Marketing Your business can add credibility and complexity to its content when you regularly incorporate the positive feedback your customers leave. This practice has an added bonus of rewarding customers for their praise, strengthening your relationship with them and encouraging others […]

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